Great Website!

Just found this website today by running a Google search. I live on Walnut Grove in the Whittier Greens condos, and I find this Wal-Mart deal depressing. I went to the planning commission meeting last month and was at first encouraged by the strong anti-Walmart turnout but eventually discouraged when I realized it was a total put-up job by the city council. With the latest vote by the city council I had almost given up hope; today I found another website ( which collects news items on other Wal-Mart attempts all over the country, and was excited to learn that approval by the city council is often just the beginning of the fight. Anyway, I am pleased to learn there are people like you in Rosemead that are not taking this lying down - kudos!


I agree with you completely....and it is an excellent way to get to know your neighbors in this long-running battle to keep Wal*Mart out as well. I live across the street from you in the Walnut Grove Village complex. We have a lot of common interests with all of you who live on the other side of Walnut Grove. If Wal*Mart succeeds, Walnut Grove will become an absolute living nightmare. I think it would be more than an exercise in extreme difficulty to access our compounds from Walnut Grove should that happen. We need your help. Signing up on the petition list gets you on the mailing list for what's happening as well.