I wanted to say "thanks" to some of our supporters.

Thanks to Evergreen Baptist for hosting the community meeting.

Thanks to St. Anthony's Catholic Church for allow us to petition on your property, and also thanks for taking a position on the Wal-Mart issue.

Thanks to Universtiy of the West for hosting the second community meeting, and also for translating the flyer.

Thanks to all the (fellow) broke folks who are willing to fight for better wages, even when their own are so limited. That takes real conviction, to demand fair pay, when there's little or no pay coming in.

Thanks to all the old folks and family folks on restricted incomes who could really use a bargain, but still fight Wal-Mart.

Thanks to the local businesses that have signed the petition, and also those who have gone the extra mile. I won't name you here, because, we know how it is to go up against a behemoth like Wal-Mart.

Thanks to the recovering shop-a-holics, too. :-)

Thank you, John Kawakami!

You should have listed yourself on the list of people to thank, John. You are the one who created this site; did so with little to no money from anyone else; never charged for your expertise or time, always giving it willingly and offering to make it better, even as things got -- and are getting -- hotter on this Wal*Mart business. Those who do not appreciate your hard work on putting this website together just have no idea of how difficult it is -- and are probably the ones who either refuse to learn to use a computer or are afraid of it. If they never visit this site, they are missing a lot of good info that they could share with others. Often, people ask how they can help. My answer? Come to this site and find out! My many, many deepest thanks to you, John!