City Council Fireworks

Well, Gary Taylor has been goading the other members of the city council for the past two months or so to please tell the county DA that Taylor has released information discussed in closed session.  Tonight, they finally said they would.

I'm not sure, but I think Taylor might have said, "Hallelujah."  I was thinking the same thing.

There's a process, and whether or not our city council members can agree on policy, they need to respect the law and the process more than the outcome.  No one's above the law, and not liking the law is no excuse for ignoring it.  By repeatedly and deliberately releasing information that was discussed in closed session, Taylor is thumbing his nose at the law and saying that following the rule of law is not as important as scoring political points against his political enemies.

I have no idea of how this will play out.  As I said, this is exactly what Taylor said he wanted.  I have no doubt that he's been consulting with a lawyer who has been telling him that this will allow him to publicize the allegations at no personal cost to himself.  Whether he is being well-advised, only time will tell.

City Council Fireworks

Things like this make people cynical about government.  Do the laws apply the same to everyone or not?

Here’s the SGV Tribune writeup:

Franke says this can lead to Taylor being removed from office. Garcia says he can be prosecuted as a misdemeanor. Demerjian says Taylor can’t be criminally prosecuted. What good is a law if there’s no penalty for breaking it?

City Council Fireworks

I searched articles to find out what Nunez is accused of doing:

>>>The suit states that Nunez massaged her, leered at her, and "on one occasion looked directly into her blouse in an attempt to observe Plaintiff's breasts."

The massage is wrong. The leering - hard to say what counts as leering - it doesn't happen to me. The breast thing - a lot of guys check out boobs. It's rude, but it happens a lot.

Elsewhere in the SGVN muckrack, it says Nunez made a crack about another politico's wife's breast size. Maybe Nunez is into large breasts, and is rude about it. Like many American guys. A Google search for "big breasts" turns up 1.3 million hits.

A few searches here and there turned up this interesting discussion, which may not be relevant to the case, but is still interesting:

City Council Fireworks

Well, what's REALLY funny about your link is that the picture of the woman arguing that revealing clothing might qualify as sexual harrassment is dressed in layered and baggy clothing, while the woman saying it isn't is, uh, making better use of her assets.

Link to post from Edward Barerra's Blog

We've been trying to get him and his password straightened out on this site for a while.  In the meantime, here's a link to what he posted on the sgvn webiste: