October 20, 2007: Lights Out, L.A.

Havnen't had much time to post recently.  I still want to go step-by-step through that "blue" Wal-Mart-financed mailer, but haven't had the time.

But I did get this in my inbox, and it does join two of my interests:  astronomy and environmentalism:  http://www.lightsoutla.org/

They want everyone to spend a night with all non-essential lighting out.  In theory if this actually happened, it would be pretty miraculous:  Lots of saved energy, a large reduction in carbon dioxide emissions that would reduce global warming, and darker skies for us amateur astronomers to enjoy and everyone else to stare up at in wonder.

I already take public transit to work about 90 percent of the time.  And I installed compact flourescent lights in my home since the 1980s, back when those bulbs cost about $15 a pop.  Now, they're down to $4 or less.  Switch to one of them and, over the course of the life of that bulb, you'll save you $30 in lighting costs and smaller amounts in reducing cooling costs in the summer (I guess in theory, that means higher heating costs in the winter).

FYI, October 20 is also a Sidewalk Astronomy night in Monrovia.  I'll bump that thread again, too.

October 20, 2007: Lights

The story on the front page of today's SGV Tribune: http://www.sgvtribune.com/news/ci_7232353

Who'd have thought?

Anyway, I'll note here and on the Sidewalk Astronomy site that we'll be out with telescopes in Monrovia tonight.  Looks like a nice, cloudless, and comforbable evening coming up!