New City Manager

Last night the city council went into closed session, and voted 3-2 to remove the "interim" part of Oliver Chi's title:  He's now our city manager.  He's probably also the youngest city manager in California.

This is a big plus for our city.  Chi is hardworking, enthusiastic, and knowedgeable.  It's like that had we gone outside of the city, we'd have ended up having to pay more for someone who wouldn't have been as qualified.  We're lucky to have him.

Rosemead needed to get a permanent fill on its city manager job asap.  There are just too many "interim" department heads.  We also have a vacancy at the top of the Planning Department.  We needed someone to fill the top slot in the city, who would then have the authority to start filling those other vacancies, and get our city management on to the job of running our city.

Congratulations, Oliver!

Apparently, this only rates a blurb

This is the only story I could find on line from the Tribune on this topic:

All it gives is his age and that he's an Arcadia High School graduate (I guess that means he ought to be expecting a call to come back to his alma mater for career day!).  You'd think they could also have squeezed in there that he also has a bachelor's degree from UCLA, and a master's degree in (I believe) urban planning from USC.  Hey, it's not like they give these jobs to college dropouts. . . .

Apparently, this only rates a blurb

Yeah, what's up with listing only his high school? Are they just out to make Rosemead look bad?

Bigger story posted later

     Well, they've posted a bigger story:

     This one notes his education (master's in public administration, it says) and his two dogs, "Faith" and "Hope."  If he had a third dog named "Love," he'd have hit for the whole 1 Corinthians 13 Trifecta:

And, hey, I forgot to say: Congratulations, Oliver!

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