Rosemead Concert in the Park --Friday, August 31, 5-8pm

This Friday, Rosemead is holding its first evening "Concert in the Park," 5pm - 8pm at Rosemead Park.

They'll be bringing out the stage they use for the Fourth of July events.  On stage from 5-6pm, it's Teadro Jones; from 6pm - 8pm, it's "Knight Fever."  Wish I could tell you what kind of music they play, but it'll be as much a surprise to me as to many of you.  If you want to see the flyer announcing the concerts, it's here:

[Teadro Jones was on stage for the Fourth of July festivities, but I did not catch them; I believe Knight Fever does 70s and 80s music (not just disco).]

This is sort of a trial run for next summer, when Rosemead hopes to be able to get a whole series of concerts for our park.  That means next year will be the "Second Annual Concerts in the Park."  I personally insist on NOT calling this year "First Annual," but I think there may be flyers and assorted individuals saying otherwise.

Come on out this Friday night, and bring some city spirit to Rosemead Park!

[You might want to bring out a blanket or a lawn chair and maybe some munchies and drinks.  Just remember that alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the park.]

Well, no one can say there wasn't enough parking!

I guess this was supposed to be a learning experience.  I think they learned that starting at 5pm on a worknight is too early.  It's too hot and people aren't home from work, yet.  Probably only about 20 people listening when the music started.  Up to 200 or 300 at the peak, though.  That's not bad, considering the short time to publicize this.

The stage is a good resource and we should definitely make better use of it.

People there seemed to be having a lot of fun.  And community groups got to use this opportunity to raise funds through the food and refreshment booths.

But don't let all those smiling faces fool you.  In about two months, some pathetic loser will sign off on another Mike Lewis letter.  I'll bet this time, they'll try to fit the word, "fornicator" in there.