Judy Chu -- Open House

Many of you have probably already received an e-mail and/or postcard announcing the open house.  If not, here are the relevant bits of info:

Where:  Monterey Park District Office, 1100 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 203

When:  Saturday, August 18, 2-5pm

This is your chance to say hello to your representative on the Board of Equalization.

To RSVP or for more information:  323-980-1221, or e-mail Intern1@boe.ca.gov

Judy Chu in the News

     Judy Chu was in the news a day or two ago, when she proposed raising the tax rate on certain alcoholic beverages that she says are designed to appeal to kids. These so-called "alcopop" drinks are currently taxed the same as beer, but Chu thinks they should be taxed like distilled spirits (Whenever I hear that word, I always envision some sort of ghost catcher!).

     I guess the logic is that young kids won’t like the taste of beer as much as these sweater (edit--uh, that should be "sweeter") concoctions, so if they can’t afford the alcopop, they’ll drink less alcohol.