Something we can all agree on!

Rosemead lacks traditional grocery stores:

Go get us one (preferrably in the north, because the south already has Beach's and Wal-Mart), and we promise we'll vote for you!

Congratulations, UFCW Local 770!

And as long as we're talking about grocery stores, a hearty congratulations to UFCW Local 770 on their new contract,  I'm glad they didn't have to endure another months long strike.  Be even better if we in Rosemead could patronize a store that employs their members!

Here, Here!

We definitely need a great new grocery store.

Something we can all agree

Should I also say something here about how getting a Pinkberry would get my wife's vote? :D

Something we can all agree

INSHO, a Trader Joe's would be cool. I'm so damned yuppie sometimes.