Mike Lewis Doesn't Care How Tall Your Front Yard Fence Is. . .

     . . .So why would he offer the "use his copier machine to produce the copies, free of charge"?  And did he declare this "donation" as a contribution to Maggie Clark's re-election campaign?

     And who is the "they" that he said ought to consider sending out a letter?

     And, now that the issue  needs "clarification," will he also offer the city free use of his copier machine to make new flyers?

     Inquiring minds want to know.


The full Tribune story is here: http://www.sgvtribune.com/news/ci_6455070

Mike Lewis Doesn't Care How

What is the "Rosemead Guardian"? It sounds like a fake group.

The article implies that Clark was the mastermind who communicated this potentially controversial issue to the "Rosemead Guardian" which is a project of "Rosemead Partners" which is a project by "Mike Lewis" who was the political consultant for "Wal-Mart", the corporation that spent some $440,000 to keep Clark, Imperial, and Taylor in office.

Talk about scare tactics. That's all that Clark and co. seem to have. They know what scares people: spending money. That's why the keep pledging to not raise taxes during election cycles... but still hold back and maintain a big pile of taxpayer cash at city hall.

I hope it was a learning experience.

Mike Lewis Doesn't Care How

I think there's a story about a donkey and a 2x4 that might be appropriate here. . . .