Mixed-Use Workshop/General Plan Update Status Report

At the next planning commission meeting, the planning departent staff will be doing a workshop (presentation) on the two items noted above.  Both items are in the process of being drafted, and both are going to be very important in shaping the future appearance and development of our city.

It's likely that both issues will eventually come before the city council late this summer.

I would encourage all Rosemead residents to get educated on these issues and help the planning commission and the city council create a city we can all be proud of.

The planning commission meeting starts at 7pm on Monday, June 18.  There are no items scheduled for public hearing, so the meeting should move relatively quickly and we should be able to get to the workshop by 7:30pm or 8pm.

Mixed-Use Workshop/General

I've posted this elsewhere, but I'll post this info here, too:  the mixed use item will NOT be on the July 2 planning commission meeting, but the draft proposal has been posted to the city's website.