Congratulations, Heriberto "Eddie" Lima!

I was reading the press release for the 2007 graduation commencement at Cal State L.A.  Each year, the press release singles out select graduates for special recognition.  This year, one of the selectees is a Rosemead resident, Heriberto "Eddie" Lima.  I've never had him as a student, but the press release notes that he earned his MS in biology (he would have walked last night), and has been accepted to the doctoral program in immunology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

So congratulations to him, and to all the other Rosemead residents who have gradulated from Cal State L.A. or any of the other high schools, colleges, or universities across the nation.

A letter to the editor in today's Tribune

The California State University system is really the gateway to the middle class for many first-generation students in the state (my family among them).  It's unfortunate that the system often gets squeezed between the community college system and the higher-profile University of California system.

If you (or  your child's) teacher or nurse was trained in California, it's likely he or she was a graduate of the California State University system.