Well, folks, looks like we're going to have a Fourth of July parade this year.

I know that some people are really enthusiastic about having a parade, and I know that some people are strongly opposed to having it.  As noted in a previous post, I am personally pretty indifferent to this whole thing.  But that doesn't mean I don't care how the parade turns out.

The motion to go forward with the parade was approved unanimously.  Mayor Tran wants to take the lead in making this happen, but I hope he and the other council members can agree to all become co-chairs of this effort, instead.

I was happy to see our five council members stand together at our city's Memorial Day observation yesterday.  I think the best way to guarantee a successful parade is to similarly get all five to stand together on this event, too (Councilwoman Clark has a pre-existing commitment out of town on July Fourth, but she can certainly help with the organizing and contacts before she leaves).

Many times in the past, I have stressed that most city government should NOT be controversial.  We ought to be able to agree with each other far more often than what we disagree.  So, again, I urge all five city council members to work together to help make this parade succeed.

Small article on the SGV Tribune Web Site

The story they posted on their website yesterday has been replaced by a longer story today:

Hope folks respond to the call!
(The link above is dead. For those interested in participating, the story said to call Rosemead City Hall at 626-569-2100. To volunteer, the contact number was to Pedro Castillo at 626-569-2266.)

It's not quite the Ganges, is it?

Someone finally posted my favorite scene from the short-lived television series, "Boomtown," on youtube.  It's what I think of whenever I think of our Rosemead Fourth of July Parade.