Curry? Or Frozen Yogurt?

Today's San Gabriel Valley Tribune/Pasadena Star-News picked up an opinion piece from the New York Sun on the coming of Go-Go Curry to New York.  The writer foresaw this as the next "thing."  First curry, then kaiseki:

I think she's way off base.  After all, Hurry Curry and Curry House have both been here in Los Angeles for years, yet neither shows the sort of crossover appeal of even an El Pollo Loco.  I'm sure they do a fine business, but they're not going to be popping up on every corner.

On the other hand, what IS going to be popping up all over?  Pinkberry--a frozen yogurt place that includes lots of fresh fruit toppings (especially berries--big surprise there) to go along with the fro-yo.  $5.95 for an eight ounce serving that comes with three topping choices.

I don't understand it, but people line up for these things at all hours.  And the profit margin is clearly astronomical,  So this little chain is going to grow fast, at least in the next few years.  Don't know if it will have staying power, but the people who have the power to pronounce a food hip are falling all over themselves to get this one:,0,7985455.story?coll=la-home-style

The other thing that seems to be spreading across at least coastal America?  Beard Papa.  There's one of these in San Gabriel already, on Valley, next door to Lollicup (half a block west of the San Gabriel Hilton).

Like I said:  I don't get it.


They were saying Pollo Campero was going to be big, too.

My bet on food trends is an increase in nut consumption.

More Fro-Yo

As I rode MTA route 76 in to work yesterday, I sat near the back of the bus, in a row of seats facing the north side of Valley Blvd.  I wasn't really paying attention the whole time, but I did notice two COMING SOON! signs for new frozen yogurt stores.  One was in San Gabriel, adjacent to Mission Hardware.  The other was in Alhambra, but I wasn't paying enough attention to know exactly where I was when I saw it.  Can't remember if it was east or west of Garfield.


Still, it's more evidence that Krispy Kreme is passe, and that the next big thing to meet America's dessert craving is going to come in the form of small paper cups, filled with frozen yogurt and assorted fruit toppings!