Stupid Rosemead City Website

The next time certain Rosemead City Council members brag about their wonderful city website, ask them why they can't manage something as simple as posting the agenda to the website.  The last city council meeting (January 23) was never announced on the website, and the agenda was never posted to the website.  I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think they announced or posted the previous city council meeting on the website, either.  And, of course, they have never posted minutes of the meetings.  Considering how much time they spend discussing the minutes in chambers, you'd think this was something important enough that the entire city ought to have access to them.  We shouldn't have to pay to make sure that they are keeping an honest administrative record of their actions.

Why don't they just post it here :-)

This site is up, it's been up for a long time, and it's pretty easy to post material here. They could even attach the .DOC or .TXT version of the agenda and minutes if they wanted.

I bet they paid a lot of money for their site. They could have had a site just like this one for $120 a year, or less if they were really nice and I forgot to charge them.

That's what I'm saying!

Well, not that they should post the agenda and minutes here.  But that it is trivially easy, and essentially cost-free, to post those sorts of documents to a website.  IMHO, it takes an amazing lack of vision or an amazing lack of concern for keeping the public informed to have 1) taken so long to get a city web site, and; 2) fail to make use of the website for even a fraction of its potential usefulness.  But I would suspect that three of those council members have only a vague awareness, at best, of what the World Wide Web is all about.