More Unfortunate News

Charles Schmidt, a dedicated and generous SOC volunteer, passed away.  He contributed to our recall campaign, and we will miss him dearly.  We send his family our love. 

More Unfortunate News

Charles Schmidt was an advocate for democracy.  He was well respected in this community because of his honesty, loyalty, and generosity.  "Chuck" was a friend and a man of integrity.  He will be missed!

My condolances goes out to his lovely wife, Nora and his family.

May you rest in peace,

John Tran

Didn't know him

I never met Charles Schmidt.  I became active in SOC relatively recently, and, by then, he had become ill and had stopped attending the regular meetings.  But I do know that his funeral was Tuesday, February 7 [Rosemead's non-election day].  A number of regular SOC volunteers could not participate in our protest that day because of they were attending his funeral.

It is often said that you can know a person by the company they keep.  So, even without having met Mr. Schmidt, I am sure by the character and integrity of the people who attended his fumeral last week that he was also a good man.

Peace be with you.