An Open Letter to SOC Volunteers

Dear Volunteers,

Those of you on our e-mail list received your weekly message from SOC yesterday.  I noted in the message that I had a longer version that I figured people probably didn't want to have stuffed into their inboxes.

But, if you feel the need for a pep talk, I've attached the longer version of my letter.

Let's turn crisis into opportunity.  Say "NO" to Wal-Mart.  Support the Recall.


Open letter.doc31 KB


Actually, the message that I thought I sent out on Friday never got sent.  I then typed another long message on Saturday, but got dropped by the server when I tried to send that one out.  So, sorry to say, all I could manage on Saturday was a very short message, hitting the high points.  I'll try for a longer message for the weekly e-mail on Sunday.