Rosemead's Budget Deficit

Can't help noticing that Rosemead's city council is considering raising fees for senior recreation outings, charging non-profit organizations to use city facilities, and charging for overnight parking (just to name a few things they're considering). But they're not considering cutting their own pay and benefits. What's up with that?

Naming Rights

The City is going to create a new pubic park on San Gabriel Blvd between Garvey and Rush St in the large piece of land under the electrical wires which is owned by Edison. They are negociating a 30 year lease with SCE at probably $1.00 per year. This is good news for the people who live in that area. BUT, they want to name the new facility The Jay Imperial Park!!! Are they crazy? There are plenty of other names that would make more sense. For example-Edison Park, Edison Pine Park, Falling Leaf Pine Park, Tranchi Park, Southland Park, etc.


If this City Council really cared about the residents of Rosemead, they would conduct a "Name the Park" contest so that there is input from the community. This is what they did for the naming of the new water park at Garvey Park. Isn't everyone tired of them always patting themselves on the back and awarding political favors to their friends?

Nice to see at least one

Nice to see at least one member of the council is willing to cut their pay and benefits, though you'd never know it by all the coverage (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) it's getting in the local fish wrapper.

It's the "God's gift"

It's the "God's gift" problem, again. So-called leaders ought to be the first ones to accept sacrifice. Lead by example!


For a good laugh(if it wasn't so pathetic) go to City of Rosemead Web site, video vault, then to archived meetings. Go to June 20, 2011 Planning commission meeting, advance tape to 2minutes and watch to 5 minutes. It is the swearing in of Joan Hunter, who has taken the same oath many times as a traffic commissioner and as a planning commissioner. A first grader could have done it better.
And to think, she is making important decisions regarding businesses, general plan, and the future of the City.