High Speed Rail

I like the HSR project, at least in concept, but there are opponents. Here's one local website:

Alhambra opponents

And here's the HSR project's website for some balance.

CA High Speed Rail Authority

Build HSR!

"Will somebody please think of the children!"

I call BS on the Alhambra HSR organization. Their map implies the concentration of schools near the track alignment makes the alignment bad for children. Except the new train will be essentially zero emission, as far as those schools are concerned. It'll be electrically powered, and most of that electricity is either going to be coming from coal plants in Arizona, Nevada and Utah, or from hydro or natural gas burning plants far away from Alhambra.

Meanwhile, I just read a few weeks ago about the increased risk of autism for kids living near freeways. It could be an economic argument, or it could be that pollution from cars and trucks contributes to autism. If it's pollution that causes autism, then any traffic taken off the freeway due to the availability of rail rapid transit will make the neighborhoods safer for kids. If it's due to economics, then the train won't have any impact.