San Gabriel Basin Water Quality Authority

Other than spending thousands of dollars on fancy ads in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, it's not clear what the San Gabriel Basin Water Quality Authority has done for the citizens of the San Gabriel Valley. But Water Quality Authority board members do receive a big, fat stipend. That's why Margaret Clark has been on the board since its inception.

It's also why she's fighting so hard to keep her seat.

Unfortunately for her, she's a Republican in an area that's overwhelmingly Democratic. So, no pork for you.

South El Monte City Councilman Luis Aguinaga, who wants to replace Clark on the Board, is quoted in the Tribune: "She has been serving on this board for 19 years and a lot of these cities had no clue we were even represented by anybody. She has never reached out to us. She has never talked to us. She is supposed to be representing the San Gabriel Valley, not just one city."

The current board majority was also criticized for failing to apply for $10 million in groundwater cleanup funds that state lawmakers had earmarked for the San Gabriel Valley.

Board members are elected by city councils and water boards within the water basin.

His name almost sounds like

His name almost sounds like "aqua naga". A shoe in.

The water coming from the river basin is polluted. We get that little slip of paper (not) explaining it. We need that cleanup.