Wal-Mart's Political Spending in Rosemead

At a recent SOC meeting, several members asked about the amount of money Wal-Mart spent in the last municipal election. The bottom line answer: A bit under $75,000

For the March 2005 municipal election, Walmart made $59,124 in independent expenditures on behalf of Alarcon, Vasquez, and Clark, plus $15,000 in contributions to Rosemead PRIDE.

To see for yourself go to: http://cal-access.ss.ca.gov

At the Top right of page, you’ll see a box, with the option to Search by Name or ID#
Enter 496052 or Wal-Mart
Click on GO

Find the link for Wal-Mart (major donor)
Click on that

General information on this entity is displayed, including total contributions in the state of California for the current election cycle.

Click on the box next to “Electronic Filings

Great Research!

Thanks for doing all that research.

My public opinion survey is very limited, but, it says that many people are generally upset by politics and the economy. This war isn't going so great, gas prices are high, and there seems to be no end to it all.