Returns Coming in Slow

But the networks have all called Brown and Boxer the winners in California. Also, Harry Reid won over Sharon Angle in Nevada, and Chris Coons crushed Christine O'Donnell in Delaware.

Bad news for the Democrats, but at least the battiest of the TEA Party folks lost.

It's nice to know that, at least in statewide contest, patently unqualified people don't win very often.

What's what the Republicans

What's what the Republicans (Fiorina and Whitman) who everyone knows have lost but who won't concede?

Whitman conceded a few

Whitman conceded a few minutes late last night. I'm not sure when Fiorina formally conceded.

Funny thing about the election returns: The Libertarian candidate for Lieutenant Governor got over 5% of the vote. The sad thing is I bet part of the reason for that higher than expected result is that the candidate's last name was "Brown."