Rosemead is No Springdale

Springdale is the gateway town to Zion National Park. It also has a ban on "formula" restaurants," which means national chains. No Starbucks. No McDonald's. No KFC. No Subway.

It's just kind of ironic that, on the one hand, local cities like Rosemead and Monterey Park are working so hard to attract national chains, while Springdale has them banned, because they want their town to be unique.

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It's just racism

They think that hispanics speak only Spanish, and Asians don't exist.

So the upshot is that cities in the SGV look like "black holes" that lack demographic data, or are presumably populated by foreign people.

Personally, I could care less about the big chains. I just wish our small stores and chains would make some more effort to clean up their storefronts.

Like Jim's for example. I've eaten at different Jim's burgers all my life. For a while there, they were just ugly. Now they're just slightly ugly. But the food was better than McDonald's, so I went.

Same for a lot of the Chinese restaurants like Sam Woo's. I still go, sometimes a lot, but they could use some nicer design to spiff things up. They should hire some Korean American signmakers, because they're making K-town look kind of cool. Anyway, I read that the owners live in San Marino. How about directing some of that loot toward designers?

(Kudos to the Noodle Planet empire, who have two nice places. Also to Wahoo Chaya and that new spot in the mini mall for having style. Also to Baguette Express and Northshore and Taco Nazo.

(I hereby offer my free graphic arts services to design signs and logos for the local businesses setting up shop in Rosemead. I'm not that good, but it's passable. I won't do anything complete - just something basic that might look cool - and I'll post it in the forums. Take it to a real artist and get them to fix it up, make better artwork, arrange to buy fonts, get signs made, and so forth.

(Just submit your request on the forums. The artwork will be posted as a reply.)