"Rosemead" on KNX

Woke up today to the sound of "Rosemead" on the morning news. Never a good thing. Can't find a link to that story KNX's website, but I did find this one, with a handy map to track Rosemead homicides.

Last night's event sounded like a family: Older couple, shot to death on Arica, probably by their son.

Probably not a family matter was this other Rosemead story with a violent ending: Car-to-car shooting.

Follow up stories on Rosemead murders

Here and here.

Officially, there's no suspect in the stabbing, and they're just looking for the car. Unofficially, I'm sure the detectives have some ideas.

In the car-to-car shooting, the Tribune is saying it may not have been a car-to-car shooting. Apparently, the second presumed-victim in the car isn't talking.

Another update


It seems unlikely to me that they just decided to drive to Texas right after her grandparents were stabbed to death. I'm sure that's what the Sheriff's thought, too, even though they are not yet officially suspects.

Yet another update

Now this from the SGV Tribune. Again, not really surprising. It's almost always family, even if the investigators don't want to reveal too much before an arrest.