Bravely Standing Up for Nothing

Last meeting, the city council took the "gutsy" move of screwing the environment to save themselves some money. This meeting, the council will take the brave stand of opposing underaged drinking. Yes, it's already illegal. Yes, if you serve a minor alcohol and they cause an accident, the server can already be sued for negligence. But now, in addition to civil liability and violating a state law, serving alcohol to a minor will also be a violation of a Rosemead ordinance. Yes, *THAT* will make all the difference!

I'm sending the kids to go drink elsewhere.

Go drink in San Gabriel, children.

It's not only stupid, it's unconstitutional

The Rosemead ordinance has an exception for "religious purposes."

What? Are you saying you can't serve minors alcohol unless it's under the guise of a religious motivation? How about the Church of Budweiser? Because unless you're going to make Rosemead's code enforcement officers become the final arbiter of what qualifies as a religious purpose, that's going to get the city in trouble.

Of course, that assumes that the city actually plans to enforce this ordinance. I'm sure it's just some more feel-good fluff, the same as pretty much everything else that comes out of city hall these days.