Walgrens' is Towing Away Cars

Just a heads up to everyone. Last week at about noon Sat, I was shopping at Walgrens (at Garvey and San Gabriel Bl) and noticed a tow truck attempting to tow away 2 cars piggyback style. When I asked the driver why, he said Walgrens' mgr had called and requested it because cars were left overnight.

I think the parking lot at the 99 Cent Ranch Market (across the street) is a pickup place for our senior citizens going to Vegas by bus. I think they think it's OK to park either at 99 cent Ranch, Walgrens or Beaches.

I would think it would be an expensive fine, what with the initial tow cost and storage fees for 2-3 days.

Well, I hope this message was helpful. Maybe someone can ask the Rosemead City Council to bring up it, as I think most of those seniors going to Vegas are non-English speaking.

What a shame.

Anyone who parks their car in

Anyone who parks their car in a private company's parking lot overnight deserves to get their car towed. It's not like Rosemead has a prohibition on overnight parking on city streets. Just avoid the street sweeping times and you'll be fine. If it takes a big expensive fine to learn that lesson, I'm okay with that.