More on the 32nd Congressional District Race

April 15 was the last FEC filing deadline before the primary election. As of that filing, Betty Chu's campaign committee listed ZERO contributions from committees or individuals.

Lee Baca, the county sheriff, who endorsed Cedillo, didn't give any money to Cedillo's campaign, but did give $500 to Judy Chu's campaign.

Luis Ayala, who is planning to run for Mike Eng's 49th Assembly District seat somewhere down the line, gave $1000 to Cedillo and zero to Judy Chu.

780 individuals and about 25 committees contributed to Judy Chu's campaign.

631 individuals and about 35 committees contributed to Gil Cedillo's campaign. For both, this only counts individuals who gave enough to have to be reported individually to the FEC. My recollection is that this means $125 or more.

There'll be another filing in July, which will provide final primary election numbers and some of the fundraising for the runoff. I'll post again, then.

More 32nd District Stuff

This is from several weeks ago, but I guess I missed this story when it originally came out.

It's more on Judy Chu's success in capturing 1/3 of the Latino vote.