Piazza-gate, Again (updated, with comment)

It's been almost five months since the bribery allegations coming out of the Piazza-gate scandal produced a claim of audio tapes of certain Temple City council members soliciting bribes to gain the approval of the Piazza project, at the corner of Las Tunas and Rosemead.

The wheels of justice turn slowly. Yesterday, they rolled over TC City Councilman David Capra. He was forced to resign as part of a plea agreement. Officially, he's pleading guilty to not reporting a campaign contribution. However, obviously everyone assumes this is really about accepting a bribe.

The current mayor of TC, the former mayor of TC and a former council candidate are still under investigation. I would suspect that part of Capra's plea involved providing testimony against his colleagues. In other words, I'd expect a few more city council resignations to be coming to Temple City.

Indictments coming Wednesday

The SGV Tribune is reporting that TC Mayor Judy Mayor, former mayor Cathe Wilson and former council candidate Scott Carwile will be indicted on Wednesday. Because Carwile came to court without a lawyer, the judge decided to keep the indictments sealed until Wednesday. The specific charges will not be known until then.


Extensive coverage in the SGV Tribune as the indictments were unsealed. The DA is going for bribery on the remaining three, as well as perjury. Whether he'll let them take a plea like Capra, I don't know.