Montebllo Hills Project Delayed by City Hall Turmoil

Apparently, being caught up in a recall election is slowing down a decision on the Montebello Hills Specific Project. That's a proposal to take the last major open space in the Montebello Hills and put in a bunch of condos.

Unlike the manufactured controversy over the Whittier Narrows Discovery Center, preserving the Montebello Hills will actually benefit native species and preserve natural, native habitat for area wildlife.

A Green Future

I'm not sure what distinguishes manufactured from other kinds of controversy, but, "whatever". This economic meltdown has been good at discouraging and maybe helping to kill this misguided hills project. The political situation at city hall would be funny if not so sad.

The condos in Oak Hills are still selling in the 200k range. It's been like this for, what, a full year at least? The malaise is spreading upwards to single family homes in the area, and will eventually engulf the mcmansions, and maybe even some Montebello Hills homes.

It'll just take some more time until the last bad loans from 2006 and 2007 default.

Turning the hills into a natural area, to improve the largest and most accessible greenspace in the County, will do more to shore up house prices and the long term economic prospects for a prosperous Montebello, South San Gabriel, Rosemead, Pico Rivera, and South El Monte, more than hilltop condo development.

We'll never be the foothills of the San Gabriels, with Cal Tech and JPL nearby to provide mental labor for their high-tech jobs, but, the southwest SGV can take advantage of a restored natural beauty to continue to improve its situation, and to promote and prioritize environmental concerns.

I think if the proposal for

I think if the proposal for the Montebello Hills comprised a total of 17 acres for meeting, education, and interpretive purposes, the folks in the Save the Montebello Hills Task Force would be turning cartwheels all the way down Montebello Blvd.