Montebello and Athens: The Saga Continues

Here’s an article from the Whittier Daily News about trash fees in Montebello. It’s not an issue I’m following very closely, but I did notice that Mike Lewis is the guy working on behalf of Athens. Yes, that Mike Lewis.

Montebello and Athens: The

I’m not sure if this is quite a story, but apparently some folks at the Tribune think the Athens controversy is spilling over into Monterey Park.

The Athens Saga: Chapter of Discord

        With the ex mayor of Monterey Park coming to the Mtb city council meeting concerning the anti Athens referrendum and begging the Mtb council to rescind its no bid contract because 'the Athens contract was the worst thing for Monterey Park, causing vicious divisions in the (Monterey Park) city council and splitting the city', (Paraphrasing for brevity) it appears that the Athens controversy in Monterey Park is spilling over into Montebello.  With Athens ordering its employees from surrounding communities to attempt to pack the Mtb city council chambers. it is only fair that anti Athens forces from those same communities also show up in Mtb. 


         This is the same tactic that PXP used in the County Supervisor's meeting earlier this week concerning Baldwin Hills, bussing in 4 large busses of conscripted employees to pack the Supervisor's meeting to give the impression that the community approves of drilling about 1.000 more oil wells.  In the cases of both Athens and PXP, deep pocketed companies striving to mask the true opposition by the overwhelming majority of local citizens, presented corrupted councils with an opportunity to say to journalists: 'Look how many people like these contracts.'  Thankfully, the print media has not been completely fooled, yet.