El Monte Union High School District Results

With 84 percent of the precincts reporting:

CARLOS G SALCEDO 3,914 22.75%
T "TESS" VELASCO 2,774 16.13
JOHN TRAN 2,683 15.6
BEN ESCOBEDO 2,469 14.35
TONSON MAN 2,275 13.23
STEVE A ORTIZ 1,711 9.95

The top three are elected, so as of 11:30pm, Carlos Sacledo is pretty much assured of winning one seat, and John Tran and "Tess" Velasco will probably hold on to seats 2 and 3.

Hopefully, these results will hold, because it would be a real shame if the Rosemead Partners smear machine worked, again.

With 95% of the precincts

With 95% of the precincts reporting:

CARLOS G SALCEDO 4,238 22.79%
T "TESS" VELASCO 3,052 16.41
JOHN TRAN 2,859 15.38
BEN ESCOBEDO 2,628 14.13
TONSON MAN 2,499 13.44
STEVE A ORTIZ 1,817 9.77
JANE M MYRING 1,502 8.08

Looks like this will be the final finishing order.

WIth 43 of 44 (98%) of precincts reporting

CARLOS G SALCEDO 4,364 22.87%
T "TESS" VELASCO 3,122 16.36
JOHN TRAN 2,926 15.33
BEN ESCOBEDO 2,708 14.19
TONSON MAN 2,553 13.38
STEVE A ORTIZ 1,869 9.79
JANE M MYRING 1,542 8.08

Hey, lucky Rosemead Parners: You WILL have John Tran to kick around any more. :P

Rosemead Partners. They

Rosemead Partners. They can't agree on anything else besides that they hate Asian immigrants.

Given the relatively tiny Asian voter population in the El Monte Union High School District, this was a tough race for both John Tran and Tonson Man. Man didn't have the resources to run a winning race, though he did have union support. John had the support of one of the school district employees union, plus enough money to put himself over the top, despite that vile Rosemead Partners mailer.