Development in Monterey Park

It would be nice if Rosemead residents would pay attention to what’s going on in the cities around them. Here, for example. Any one of these projects going forward is going to have a heck of a lot bigger traffic impact than ALL of the projects we’ve considered on the Rosemead Planning Commission during the past year. Any reasonable person would have to look at these developments right near Rosemead and understand what I’ve been saying the past few years: We’re already going to be getting a lot more traffic. The question is whether they’ll all be cars driven by people leaving Rosemead to spend their money in Monterey Park, Alhambra, etc., or if we’ll going to let some comparatively smaller developments come into Rosemead so we can capture some of the tax revenue in Rosemead.

Further, people who talk about increasing traffic capacity "first" are just not paying attention. Building wider roads in Rosemead will only encourage more people to drive *through* Rosemead on their way to somewhere else. We’ll get all of the traffic impacts of development, but none of the benefits.

Even funnier are people who talk about wanting to attract "national" grocery stores when they’re aligned with the same people who help drive the last "American" grocer, Ralph’s, out of town.  But that's another story, isn't it?

I will NEVER shop in Monterey Park!

First--its just too congested.  Second-there is NOTHING there for anyone to enjoy shopping-wise or restaurant-wise.  Lastly and most importantly--having the lowest PAID police department in ALL the West SG Valley, their PD have stepped up their ticketing quotas, although their city council will deny it.


I have personally witnessed MPPD stop, nearly traumatize and bring Asian female drivers to tears for what I witnessed were minor traffic infractions.  I would say their MPPD are "culturally insensitive".


I personally was pulled over for no break lights, but when I forgot my license in another wallet--they had my car towed!!!!!  Yes, I understand its the law, but there is the "letter of the law and the SPIRIT of the law".


After that, I "vowed" never to go thru their city again.  Its not my fault MP residents voted AGAINST a $40 a year increase in property taxes to help pay for increased salaries for MPPD.


And Todd, don't worry about what MP is "planning on building".  It is apparent they have a city council at odds with each other and who have obviously been ineffective getting anything done for decades, which is why they find themselves in their current predicament.