Rush/Angelus/Delta - City Council this Tuesday (12/16)!

The City Council will be making a decision on the Rush/Angelus/Delta issue at their meeting this Tuesday at 7:00. A couple of months ago, the Traffic Commission recommended specific traffic calming improvements to the area, based on proposals and presentations from Staff and Kimley-Horn and Associates. We feel that these measures are a good first step in making the area safer for residents, students and commuters. Those recommendations are on the Council's agenda (Item 4E) for Tuesday. If they approve the item, the Traffic Commission's recommendations will be put into effect. If they do not, the issue will be returned to the Commission for review. If this issue is important to you, I strongly urge you to review the information, come to the meeting and speak accordingly. There is no guarantee the Council will approve this, so your voice can have an impact.

The agenda:
The packet, including the Commission's recommendations:

And while I have your attention, the Council will also be deciding on:
* A zone amendment to allow live poultry slaughtering in M-1 zones. (This is related to the Cal Poultry issue.)
* The Traffic Commission's recommendations regarding Mission/Ivar safety and visibility issues.
* The awarding of a contract to create a Parks & Rec and General Facilities Master Plan.
* City facility fee and regulation updates.
* A proposed Consolidated Disposal fee increase.
* Enough other things to necessitate a 10-page agenda.

Also, the very next night - the third Wednesday of the month - will be the monthly public safety meeting at the Rosemead Public Safety Center (8301 Garvey Ave; corner of Charlotte). This month's focus will be on Holiday Safety.

Hope to see you there!