Shutting Down the Site

It's been three years since the last post, and perhaps five years since the last software update.

I'm going to "archive" the site, basically freezing it, as-is, and for posterity.

If there's interest in reviving the site, I can set up a blog/news site for SOC. By SOC, I mean the group that meets at Amber Wood condos over on Rush and Delta. Just contact me.

Walmart Closures Draw Suspicion; Rally on Monday

It's not getting a huge amount of news coverage, but the Walmart closure is drawing a lot of suspicion. People are tossing around the idea that it's the company shutting down to drive out union organizing:

"Some employees believe that the stores were closed because of worker protests for higher pay.

The SR-710 EIR/EIS is now out! Support finishing the freeway!

The Metro-CalTrans SR-710 Alternatives Draft Environmental Impact Report/Study (EIR/EIS) is now available! The agencies will be hosting four Public Hearings starting Saturday, April 11th in Monterey Park.

There are five alternatives being studied:
* A tunnel freeway that would complete the original plan and connect the northern stub of the existing I-710 at Valley in Alhambra with the SR-710 stub off the I-210 freeway in Pasadena
* A light rail transit (LRT) route starting at the Metro Gold Line (Eastside Extension) in East Los Angeles and connecting with the Gold Line in Pasadena
* A bus rapid transit (BRT) route starting at Whittier Blvd and Atlantic in East Los Angeles and going up to Pasadena just south of the I-210
* Transportation System Management/Transportation Demand Management (TSM/TDM), which involves regional intersection and route improvements, signal synchronization and other upgrades to improve regional traffic flow
* Doing nothing (This is required by law to establish a baseline.)

Please help us finally close the gap after more than 50 years!

Shame on Southern California Edison

What would you think if a company fired hundreds of employees to bring in temporary guest workers to do their jobs, at a lower salary?

That's exactly what's been happening at our neighbors at Southern California Edison. There's a huge guest worker program called H1B, and it's being used to replace American IT workers with foreign IT workers.

Candidate's Forum

I was originally planning to post something over the weekend about the Rosemead City Council Election Candidate's Forum being tonight, and how everyone should go. I didn't quite get to it...and then yesterday I heard rumors that are now confirmed:

Edison Lays Off Workers to Outsource to Foreign IT Companies

The big company in Rosemead, Southern California Edision, confirmed that they laid off or replaced around 500 workers, so their jobs could be sent over to India.

Southern California Edison IT workers 'beyond furious' over H-1B replacements

Mainland Chinese Moving to El Monte

The LA Times recently had a story about Chinese moving into El Monte.

They didn't get into the specifics of which Chinese, but it's the Mainland Chinese, not the Taiwanese who flocked to Arcadia, or Hong Kongers in MPK.


Story in the LA Times today about the Asian American community's response to SCA5, a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would allow the return of affirmative action to the University of California system.