Democrats Vote Against Wal-Mart

The United Democrats of the San Gabriel Valley, a Democratic club of residents from the Rosemead, El Monte, Alhambra, and San Gabriel areas decided at their July 7th meeting to pass a resolution opposing Wal-Mart at Rush and Walnut Grove. If you're interested in the club, which started earlier this year and has grown to around 70 members, contact Ron Vrooman at (323) 222-6339. (7/30/2004)

City and County Meetings

Concerned citizens have gone to regular
meetings of the City Council, redevelopment, and
County, to make our issues known to our elected (and
appointed) officials.

If you care about this issue, please get out to the
a meeting, sign up to speak, and make your opinion

The City Council meets Tuesday the 27th at 8pm.

Subsidies (We Scored a Small Victory)

Paul, our crack researcher, found a case that Wal-Mart lost
in the city of Chula Vista. They'd been given an illegal
subsidy, to the tune of $1.9 million, and two citizens
fought it. Three of our members sent a letter to the
City or Rosemead about this law.

Folks are saying that there
won't be a subsidy for this project. Did they mean
"ever" or "now, since you've dug up this law"?

Imagine what could be happening if good folks like Paul
weren't doing this critical research. The city might
have given Wal-Mart an illegal freebie at taxpayer expense.

Wal-Mart Hearing on the 16th of August

We got wind that a hearing meeting to get community input into the project
is scheduled for August 16th at Rosemead High School. This is
the first official step in getting this project defeated (or approved).
We need people to get out for this meeting to voice their opinions.

After this meeting, if they approve it, it will go up to the City Council,
where they will render the final decision regarding the Wal-Mart and mall.
We hope the council will do the right thing and vote it down!
We need everyone (meaning everyone) opposed to this project to
speak against this development.

Older Stories

The stories below are from an older version of the site.

Information and Picket at Big Saver on Garvey, on the 10th of July

This is the fourth time we've done this, and each time, it gets
better. It's an opportunity to inform more people about
the proposed Wal-Mart, and a nice way to enjoy the warm weather
(and maybe get some lunch afterward).


Information and Picket at San Gabriel and Garvey, on the 26th of June

The Beach's info tabling was a success, and we got the message out to
a lot of people. (6/25/2004)