SOC Election Endorsements!

SOC is endorsing the following candidates for Rosemead City Council. Due to the unresponsiveness and lack of respect we've gotten from the incumbent members, we're looking for change.

Polly Low - she's a write-in candidate, so you will need to mark the ballot as a write in, then write her name, Polly Low, on the envelope they provide.

John Tran - President of the Garvey School District board. A young guy who grew up in Rosemead and has been a part of this community all his life.

John Nunez - the most experienced of the trio, and a current member of the Alhambra high school district board. Another long-time Rosemead resident.

"A new broom sweeps clean."

recall petition

When is the petition to recall the remaining two council members going to start circulating?

Go to the SOC meeting

There's some talk that it'll be discussed at the next meeting. It's time to re-awaken the dragon.


Can you explain what happens now? I keep watching the news and trying to figure out what might come next but I can't get the info I am looking for. Great job on all of the hard work you all put in to making a change in the city council. I am so impressed and I hope they get the message that the people of Rosemead are serious!!!

the situation...

I haven't talked to many folks about this, and the real decisions are going to be made at the next SOC meetings.

At this time, WM still have the edge, because they have three council votes, and we have two. Also, they still have the green light on the project, though the actual state of the project is unknown. We don't know if they can go forward. Also, there is still a lawsuit filed against them.

The one signficant edge that the people have, is the political situation. SOC, through its hard work, laid the groundwork that has helped turn out record numbers of voters for a March election. Last year, 11% of the voters turned out to vote. This time, 28% turned out. That's around a 140% increase.

Also, notably, though Polly Low did not get a seat, she worked hard to get many people to write in her name. I think more write-in votes for Low were cast this year, than punch-in votes were cast for other council members, in past years. (This hasn't been verified, but if the last March election had an 11% turnout, it means that only around 1700 people voted.)

As expected, AFLCIO support blossomed, primarily in the form of election logistics and outreach support, as Wal-Mart is a significant issue for them, as it is for local residents. Likewise, Wal-Mart also pretty heavily on this election as well, and has also done a lot of soft campaigning via donations to groups, television commercials, and sponsorship of events. (I have noticed more Wal-Mart ads targeting the Asian and Spanish speaking communities.)

This has put Rosemead, a city that barely voted in the past, onto the political map.

Any other comments are appreciated.

From Rosemead to Buellton

Buellton Residents Reject Wal-Mart"

"One speaker brought along a copy of a newspaper article with the headline 'Wal-Mart foes claim win in Rosemead; voters oust two council members who backed chain.'"