Big Fat Ballot

In addition to the twelve statewide ballot questions, the usual state and federal offices, the Presidential race, a county tax measure (R--transportation), and the Charter City (CC) question in Rosemead, we in northern Rosemead also face TWO bond issues (one for Rosemead Elementary and one for El Monte Union school districts).  The local bond issues alone are estimated to cost us $30/$100K assessed value/year EACH, for the next 25 years or so.  Pass 'em both and that's $60/$100K assessed value.  Own a median-priced home in Rosemead, and that's over $200/year, just for THIS year's school bonds!

I'm open to being convinced, but that seems like an awful lot of money, in addition to the bonds they already have outstanding, and the property taxes I'm already paying, and the state taxes I'm already paying, etc., etc.  I'm just saying the yes side (that needs a 55% supermajority) better have a really persuasive campaign planned, because, as they say, "Times are tough all over."