10/02 Traffic Commission: Rush/Angelus/Delta, Speed Bumps, etc.

This Thursday, the Traffic Commission will be considering for action improvement proposals by Kimley-Horn and Associates, for the intersection area of Rush-Angelus-Delta.  This company gave an excellent presentation back at our June 26th meeting - which not many local residents saw, regrettably - and they have some interesting ideas for a three-stage improvement in that area.  I am enthusiastic about some, skeptical about others, but am looking forward to their presentation and, I stress, hearing the reaction of local residents and school parents to these ideas.  The Commission is expected to make a recommendation for action to the City Council at this meeting, so I hope that all concerned parties will come, hear the ideas, and express their opinions and observations, to help us make the best decisions possible to help resolve this complex traffic issue.
Also, we will be reviewing the results of a traffic study of Delta and Earle, between Mission and Wells, where there are speeding issues, among other things.  As a part of this, we will be considering recommendations regarding a citywide neighborhood traffic calming program, possibly to include introducing speed humps/bumps to residential areas, something that many residents have inquired about.
Lastly, we will be making decisions regarding traffic study priorities for the upcoming year; some possibilities include citywide truck routes, crossing guard locations, guidelines for protected/permissive signals and neighborhood traffic management/improvement options.
Hope to see you there!

10/02 Traffic Commission:

As always, I encourage the residents most directly impacted by each of these matters to attend the traffic commission meeting and be heard.  Speaking doesn't guarantee you'll get the result you want, but it certainly increases your odds.

10/02 T.C. Meeting Results

Thank you to those of you who came on Thursday.  We had a nice 2 1/2 hour meeting with lots of discussion and input, and made what we hope are some good decisions.

First up, the commission chose to develop guidelines for protected/permissive signals in the city and to develop a citywide neighborhood traffic management/improvement program.  The latter may include things like speed bumps/humps and bulb-outs, and will help the City and the Commission to better address increased complaints about high speeds and other problems in residential areas.  Protected/permissive are those that have both the green ball and the green arrow, and allow left turns when the opposing lanes are clear, and not just on the arrow.  A local example is Lower Azusa at Baldwin; I think this could be a big help at some intersections in the City.

Also during that discussion, Commissioner Russell raised some concerns about the lack of warning lights for the two County fire stations, and about the left turn out of Walgreens; both of those items should appear on upcoming agendas.

Looking at Delta and Earle, the Commission voted to continue the already-begun selective traffic enforcement on those streets, to install 25 MPH-speed limit signs at both entrances to each street, and to install a larger stop sign and refresh the paint at the stop sign on Wells between the two streets.

For the big project at Rush/Angelus/Delta, after an excellent presentation by Bill Dvorak of Kimley-Horn and input from residents and the Garvey School District, the Commission voted to do the following: install low-growing vegetation (and keep the trees trimmed high in the medians from the Wal*Mart intersection to about 1/2 block west of Angelus; install dynamic ("Your Speed: ##") speed signs at either end of the same stretch; to work with Rice and install a no-parking "Loading Zone Only" on the north side of Rush from the Wal*Mart entrance to Angelus; to provide greater turn visibility off Delta by installing/extending red curb on the south side of Rush to the driveway opposite Angelus; to add painted bulb-outs on either side of the crosswalk and on the south side of Rush leading up to the driveway opposite Delta; and to repaint the crosswalk to enhance visibility.  For those who have the agenda packet, it was essentially the Level 2 plan with some minor modifications.  This should go before the Council for consideration at their November 25th meeting.

Lastly, a resident and the Rosemead High School principal brought up safety considerations regarding the crosswalk on Mission at Newby.  It should be repainted soon, and City staff will be bringing citywide signage issues before the commission in an upcoming meeting.

Our next meeting is on Thursday, November 6th at 7 PM; the agenda should be available at City Hall and on the Website by the evening of October 30th.  Hope you can make it.