Chambers of Commerce in the San Gabriel Valley.

Several interesting points are raised in this story, about Chamber of Commerce organizations in the San Gabriel Valley. Rosemead’s Chamber of Commerce is featured prominently.

One point has to do with political involvement by chambers. Yes, they’ve been politically active, which makes one wonder if a politically-oriented organization should receive any funding from the city. Another point has to do with which businesses are being represented on the Chamber. Some Chamber members don’t feel the Asian businesses are pulling their load. Meanwhile, the Asian businesses don’t think the Chamber is doing anything for them, so why should they join?

Chambers of Commerce in the

I thought CoCs were the bastions of pro-business Republicans who want to cut business taxes and eliminate the minimum wage.

Chambers of Commerce in the

Letter in the Tribune in response to the earlier story.

But here’s the thing: Rosemead adopted a sign ordinance about twenty years ago, so the signs above businesses are already required to be multilingual. I think this illustrates that some people are so sure of the way things are that they can’t see the facts (or the sign) right there in front of them.