The Clintons versus Obama

This is a very interesting blog by a very smart, clever attorney, and yes, who happens to be African-American, hence the title (sarcasm and irony) of his very popular blog, "the field negro" (which was recommended by Katie Couric, of all people).

There is a quote from this article that kind of encapsulates what the article is about.....["What's that saying? "the enemy of my enemy is my friend"? It was a friendship of convenience if you will"....]

Just thought I would put it out there, since there was an announcement that Hiliary would be at Cal State LA this week. It's something to keep in mind.

The Clintons versus Obama

The level of vitriol I'm hearing directed at Hillary by some of the dyed-in-the-wool Democrats in my department is really astonishing.  They are appalled by what they perceive as race baiting by the Clinton campaign in South Carolina.  And they're NOT black.

Clintons versus Obama

Absolutely Todd,

I think what is hitting a raw nerve in the voting public of all colors is, if Hiliary's ambition to become president can motivate her (or them, Bill and Hil), to make thinly veiled racist comments about Obama, who has a real chance of becoming president, and who comes from one of the most historically protected classes after the enactment of civil rights laws, then she (or they, Bill and Hil) could and would do that to any people of color or conscience.

Anyway, the Democratic Debate will be tonight and is at the Kodak Theater.