EIR Scoping Meeting for the City of Rosemead's General Plan Revision

The city of Rosemead is beginning the process of revising its general plan.  This document will help guide the city's development over the next ten years.

At 6pm on Thursday, November 29, in the city council chambers, the city will be holding a scoping meeting on the environmental impact report for the general plan revision.

As you may recall from our Wal-Mart adventure, the scoping meeting is when people have an opportunity to identify possible environmental impacts you'd like to make sure are considered when the city prepares its full-blown environmental impact report on a proposed action.

So, for example, if the city's general plan were to oppose a shift to mixed-use development, I might be concerned about the traffic impact of pure-retail development along our major avenues.  I might be concerned about the impact on the cost and availability of housing in our city if we prevent the development of residential units above our retail developments.  And I might be concerned that, if people can not afford to buy housing in a mixed-use development, then there might be more pressure for further mansionization in our residential neighborhoods.

But those are just my concerns.  If you can spare the time; there's no formal SOC position on the general plan. I would encourage you to stop by the scoping meeting to see how the city's general plan is proceding, and what environmental impacts (broadly defined) you'd like the city to examine in its environmental impact report for the general plan.