How to Really Save Energy (and Money)

The Economist has an article about no-lose energy conservation -- these are things we (as individuals and as governments) can do to reduce energy use and save money.

The problem is, these techniques aren't promoted or funded by public agencies. The bigshots are talking about biofuels, "clean coal", wind power, and (ghaaad) photovoltaics.

Economically, you get faster gains from things like insulation, solar water heating, fuel efficient commercial vehicles, and low-wattage lights.

(I kind of take back the title - it's not a super great article, but it has it's moments.)

How to Really Save Energy

Have I mentioned, yet, that I bought those compact flourscent bulbs back when they were still expensive and undependable?  That's my bit for the environment.  That, and riding the bus to work on most days.

How to Really Save Energy

Good news - the governator is going for solar water heating. So we'll get money for installing those, if we can. Many apartments already have them.

Lights Out L.A.

On a related issue:  Lights Out, L.A.:,1,3030964.story?coll=la-headlines-california

Turnoff those unnecessary lights, save electricity, save money, and save our dark skies, one lightbulb at a time!