Hot! Hot! Hot!

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Around 250 people braved the scorching heat Saturday afternoon to rally, converse, and say NO to WAL-MART. The demos started at 10 in the morning, with around 20 people gathering across the street from City Hall, drawing honks of support, then moved to San Gabriel and Garvey, where the support got even louder and bigger. By noon, a healthy crowd had formed at the proposed site, and kept growing. This webmaster didn’t expect even as many people to show up, especially the supporters from all over the city including the far north, but, this turnout really proved that people do care.

“No walmart here!

my experience

The weirdest moment of my day was marching from Beach’s to the site with another demonstrator, and having a young, rebellious, Wal-Mart supporter on a bike tell us that he wanted the store. “Why do you support it?