Rosemead National Night Out -- Rosemead Public Safety Center

[New material added below]

     As part of the National Night Out event, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is hosting an event at the Rosemead Public Safety Center, 3018 Charlotte Ave.  It's in Zapopan Park, off of Garvey, just east of Beach's.  Tuesday, August 7, 6pm -8pm.  I have heard that hot dogs and red hots are on the menu.

     This would be a chance to see the new public safety center and meet with some of the deputies that patrol our streets.


     Added on 8/8/07:  I'm attaching a somewhat fuzzy picture of most of the group that came to participate in the National Night Out event at the Rosemead Public Safety Center.  You can also see a couple of our councilmen and our assemblyman, none of whom need an introduction here.  Meanwhile, the guy off to the right, in the red shirt, was from Target.  They provided the food and drinks for this event.

     Despite the fuzziness, I like this picture because you can also see so many of the folks who work for either the Sheriff's Department or the City of Rosemead.  In particular, I get a kick out of what our two "interims" are doing way in the back of the room:  The tallest "head" is interim development director Brian Saeki, who is crouching on the counter at the back of the room, trying to look taller than the guy next to him.  The guy next to him, however, is our freakishly tall interim city manager, Oliver Chi.  Oliver is standing on the floor.

     Several public safety and Sheriff's deputies are also pretty tall.  (To put their height in context, consider that Mayor John Tran is about six feet tall).

     I'll have to post more about the public safety center in a later post.

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