Fourth of July Parade Line Up

     I have pasted a .pdf copy of the lineup of parade participants as it is known to me on July 3.  I notice that several groups that were listed on earlier "confirmed" lists are no longer listed on this final list.  I'll assume they had to drop out, but it is also possible that some additional groups not listed on the attached file may also participate in the parade.

     I am told that this is the longest list of participants in the parade's history, and that's no trivial feat considering the time this was all brought together.  Hopefully, we'll get a good turnout and the decorations will go off okay.  Also, I've heard that Cox Cable is going to broadcast the parade.

     The route of the parade is noted above.  However, you might want to station yourself somewhere around city hall or east, as some of the parade participants are going to be staging themselves near Walnut Grove.  If you're not at least up near Mr. Baguette's, the participants will still be falling into line as they go past you.

Rosemead Fourth of July Parade LineUp.pdf22.46 KB