Peach House

Remember the coming frozen yogurt invasion I mentioned a few weeks (or months?) ago?  Well, they've established a beach head in San Gabriel.  "Peach House," on Valley, just east of New and just west of Mission Hardware, is open.

They're a Pinkberry clone:  same paper cups, same cutey logo, same pricey fro yo and fruit toppings.  I still think this is over-priced dessert, but it's a whole lot quicker to get to than Westwood or Beverly Hills or West Hollywood or the other Pinkberry outlets.

My wife is still hoping a Pinkberry will come to Rosemead, but I'm not holding my breath.

The RETURN of Fro Yo

Does anyone remember the old frozen yogurt place on Garfield just south of Garvey? Next to the old Pedrini's. It was there around 1976. I think it was called Mr. Moo. Their fro-yo wasn't sweetened too much.

The RETURN of Fro Yo

This "new" yogurt craze is also on the tart side.  That's why they're all being served with sweet fruits (blue berries, rasberries, strawberries, peach, mango, etc).

The Fro-Yo Wars,0,1510846.story?coll=la-home-middleright

Big story in the July 5 L.A. Times.  Apparently, all these new yogurts are supposed to be tart, like "real" yogurt.  John, it looks like they have your number!

Funny thing about these new yogurt places is that they're supposed to be like Starbucks.  And, in many ways, they are.  One way is that, like Starbucks, they take your name down along with  your order.  Then a little sticker is printed out with this information, and stuck on to the paper cup, so the frozen yogurt equivalent of a barista can be certain to match the order to the patron.

The bad news?  That means everybody knows your name, and your order.  So imagine my reaction when my wife and I walked into the Peach House last night, and the cashier greeted my wife by name!  It made me want to tell them my name was "Norm."

Pin-go opens

I think I have the name right.  Anyway, it's another Pinkberry clone.  This one's on Valley, a bit west of Garfield.

[edit 7/20] -- I've now eaten there. Price is comparable to Pinkberry and Peach House (which is to say, they're expensive). My wife believes their yogurt is a little more sour than the others. I can't tell the difference. But I did think they put less yogurt and more fruit into their servings than the other guys.

Unlike Pinkberry and Peach House, they don't use little stickers with your name and order, so you can buy anonymously, here. :D