Local Schools do Well in Newsweek Rankings

I was never one for school spirit, but it was nice to see that the school listed in Newsweek's best public high schools. The ranking is calculated by factors like the number of students taking Advanced Placement courses.

Keppel was at 594. Schurr was at 1017. Bell Gardens was 1316. Alhambra and Rosemead didn't show up; what's up with that? Alhambra was 678 in 2006.

LAUSD schools did pretty well, too, despite what people might think. They gave MUSD and Alhambra Union a run for its money, with several schools in the top 500. Of course, many of the LA schools were magnets, so that skews things, but even considering that, they generally had higher levels of poverty (reflected by the school lunch stats) than the local schools out here.

The score is calculated by dividing the number of AP and other college credit tests taken by the total number of graduates, and roughly measures how hard the schools push the AP tests, and, presumably, general college prep so that some will be ready for AP.


What About San Gabriel?

All us southern Rosemead/Northern South San Gabriel folks when to San Gabriel High School.  How did the Matadors do?

Local Schools do Well in

Gabrielino High came in with 1025. West San Gabriel wasn't listed. I think the schools need to contact Newsweek to get on the list. It might be because they don't have a count of how many students take the AP tests.