The County District Attorney's Public Integrity Division

A very flattering profile on the county DA's public integrity division.  A little too flattering, when one considers what happened when I forwarded to them a clearly-illegal political flyer about two years ago.

It seems to me they have had a tendency to draw out their investigations and/or to refer (pass off like a hot potato) complaints to the FPPC.  In talking to other activists in the region, my experience was not unique.

Just as a for example, consider the first of the "big" cases listed in the article.  How hard is it to determine where someone lives?

Make no mistake:  if you gift wrap a case and hand it to them, they're happy to take the bows and the credit.  But if the only cases they'll investigate are the ones that have already been proven, then what good are they?

Then, by contrast, when they DO execute a search warrant, do they really need to go charging in like John McClane (Die Hard)?