Watch Out for the Lawyers

Recently, there was a change of attorneys in Rosemead. The contracting of attorneys is a potentially political hot potato, and there was some controversy surrounding it. Basically, the high price that attorneys command make the city attorney contract extremely lucrative, so law firms donate to city council candidates in the hopes of getting new contracts.

The site has a story about such a possible deal.

Attorney Fire/Hire Evokes Memory of 1998 Recall!

This also seems to have happened in other cities, and it's been reported in the LA Weekly and other papers.

(The other big budget item that's subject to extreme corruption seems to be tow-truck contracts. Do a search for "Maywood" and "Tony Bravo" to see what I mean. These tow-truck guys not only get paid, they exercise a lot of power to abuse the public.)

Watch Out for the Lawyers

Another attorney story here.