ICE Raids in Rosemead (+ a lot of other crap)


I got this via email from an associate, pretty late after the fact. My ranting follows.

posted 2:26 on myspace:
> Union Del Barrio and the Frente Contra las Redadas has recieved reports that there is a MIGRA RAID happening right now in the city of Rosemead
> WHEN: NOW Sunday May 5/20/07
> WHERE: Rosemead and Garvey!!! city of Rosemead!!
> ACTION...if you are near that area, go out there with a video/digital camera and document!!!
> Ron G
> Union Del Barrio!

I have an idea: how about the government spend some time figuring out how to end the nonstop whoring that goes on down on Garvey?

I don't like the fact that undocumented immigrants tend to depress wages a little, but, a poor worker is 10x better than some doped up gangster on welfare. I'd trust an "illegal" to hold my wallet before I'd give some two-bit American hood a dollar to get me a soda.

There are a lot of problems along Garvey, on the Rosemead side as well as the South El Monte side, but the green-card status of workers ranks, at best, only in the middle, right about there with tacky signage, smells, and polluting traffic. Which there's plenty of on Garvey, as well. There are more serious ongoing, chronic problems with gangs, ex-cons, prostitution, poverty and malaise.

Lookit this page I found with a search for raid and Garvey and Rosemead:

Daaaang. That corner is getting discussed by a bunch of guys who regularly do business with the streetwalkers. That's embarrassing. But I digress.

Raids like this are just political show and play by some people in the Bush administration. They're just doing some smoke and mirrors, and beating up on Latino immigrants, to curry favor with the last remaining fringe constituency in their party, because the war in Iraq is not going well. It's scapegoating.

The upshot is that a small platoon of ICE cops is going to treat parts of the SGV like their own "war on terrorism." Yeah, that'll be fun, watching factories being raided, and then seeing news stories about kids left behind because mommy is in a immigration detention center.

(Oh yes, during the searches, I found this link too: - from this guy who does skateboarding videos. Hehe, on there, I found a funny photo of John Tran buzzed, partying with Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas. Pull that down and protect his rep, SGV :)