Eating in Rosemead

A city resident assembled this list of restaurants in Rosemead.  His desire is to see us help build up our local economy by eating locally.  That creates jobs in our city and keeps tax revenue at home, for our benefit.  Additionally, if currently-existing restaurants are profitable, it creates an incentive for other (hopefully, a variety of other) restaurants and other business to move to Rosemead to join in the profits.  It also means we can enjoy a meal out with out a long drive to some other city.


I'm attaching the list in .pdf format.  If you'd like, I could also e-mail you the list, in Word, WordPerfect, .pdf, or about thirty other formats, however you like.


The list is currently in alphabetical order.  Over time, I suspect I'll also categorize the food by type.


If there are errors or omissions on the list, please let me know.  (i.e., I know the list is not complete, but I also know that I don't know all of the other restaurants in Rosemead).


Additionally, if you want to send in a short annotation for any or all of the restaurants on the list, also let me know.  We can slowly build, expand, and improve this list and make it more user friendly for the would-be Rosemead diner.


You can send your information to the news (at) saveourcommunity dot us address, or to socrosemead at yahoo dot com.  Be sure to include a subject line that makes it clear what the content of your message is, because if it looks like spam, I tend to delete those messages without reading them.

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